Bachelor Honours Programme

Are you a first year BSc student? Up to an extra challenge? Eager to get the max out of your study and yourself? Feel like working in a team? Then the Wageningen University BSc Honours Programme might be just the thing for you!

The BSc Honours Programme is for students who want and are able to go the extra mile. As a motivated student, you are given the opportunity to further develop your talents and interests both within as well as outside your study domain. There is one Bachelor Honours Programme for the entire university. This allows you to work with students from other study programmes. They will help you to look at things from another perspective. You get the chance to meet inspiring lecturers, explore the forefront of knowledge, meet with leaders in industry and set and realize personal targets. The overall goal of the programme is to prepare you for scientific, societal and personal leadership in a society that is increasingly affected by changes.

The Honours Programme will be on top of your regular bachelor study programme and has a workload of 30 credits. It runs from period 4 of your 1st year up till period 6 of your 3rd year. It will take place mainly in the evenings, self-study weeks and summer vacations.
The first activity is a 3 EC(TS) orientation course, running in period  4,5 and 6 of your first bachelor year. This course will give you a  flavour of the real Honours Programme. It consists of a book club,  an interdisciplinary master class and a personal development track. After this course you and we can decide whether or not you should continue with the Honours Programme. In the last week of summer vacation, the real programme starts.  All selected students will spend a week together outside Wageningen. During this kick-off week you will  start the main project of your Honours Programme called the ‘Honours Investigation Project’ (:-) Project), on  a topic of your team’s choice. Your team will be guided by a coach.  During your 2nd and 3rd year you will meet regularly with your personal tutor to discuss your personal goals and how to attain these.
Within your own study programme, you will get more challenging assignments and spend extra time on your BSc thesis. This part of the programme is tailor-made: you can make your own choices for the most interesting topics.

Application  and selection
Interested? Then check out the website for more information on deadlines and procedures or come to one of our ‘information lunches’ in December and January. The first selection will be in January. Motivation, having the right attitude and good grades will be decisive: openness, eagerness to learn, drive, team spirit and good progress in study. So if this is you: do apply for the orientation. If you are hesitant about meeting the selection criteria, please contact your study adviser. The second and final selection moment will be after the orientation course. Participation in the orientation course is a requirement for enrolment in the rest of the Honours Programme.

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