We are the Travelcommittee (Aka Reiscie). Our purpose in Ipso Facto is to organise an unforgettable study trip. It has to be a fun trip and at the other side it has to be interesting en study related. We learn to collaborate, discussing, planning and how to make contact with universities and other organisations. It is like planning your own holiday but then for more people and with more people. The nicest thing is that we work to one endpoint, the trip itself. It is not that we organise little activities, we organise just one big thing that has to be perfect. It is a challenge but that makes it not less fun, just more. We hope that you all will join us at our adventurous study trip to Georgia



Active members:

Emma Fokt,
Hans-Peter den Boer,
Marianne Visser,
Dorien van den Hul,
Astrid van Buul,
Sebastiaan de Groot,
Vera van de Scheur