The jubilee committee (Lustrumcie) of Ipso Facto is organizing a jubilee-week in order to celebrate the 15th birthday of our study association. For those who do not know what a jubilee is: a jubilee is basically a anniversary that is held every five year in order celebrate the existence of an organisation. In order to celebrate our association’s anniversary there will be a lot of events organized with a big closing party at the end of April 2015.

By now you will probably be asking yourself: what do you exactly do and learn in the jubilee committee?
It’s hard to give a unilateral answer to that question due to the diversity of your tasks.
Some examples of the things we do are: network with people, plan events, have meetings and coordinate everything. What distinguishes us, is that our committee is only active once every five years, so every time a whole new committee is set up.

This year’s jubilee will be held between the 7th and 16th of April, 2015. The exact theme, date and locations will be announced later on, on both the Lustrumcommittee and Ipso Facto Facebook page as well as on posters in the Leeuwenborch and Forum.

Be sure to check us out at in order to stay up-to-date!


Active members:

Robin Diekhorst,  Nathalie Engelhardt & Niels Veeneman