Hi, we are the FOODcie. First, let’s begin with our history. Because of our active first 14993491_1210242415735599_1096752869043254435_nyear with Ipso Facto we decided it would be fun to create a committee full of cosiness and lots of good food. After a lot of thinking and discussing the FOODcie was established on the 12th of September 2016. What can you aspect from our committee? Activities like dinners, high-tea’s, drinks and a lot of Ipso-time. Our committee consists of: Hilde (chairwoman), Tamara (secretary), Anne (treasurer), Amber, Laura, Marianne and Iris. We also have a enthusiastic group of volunteers who we can ask for help during our activities. Are you excited about us? Keep updated by visiting the Ipso Facebookpage for our upcoming activities and news 
SAVE THE DATE: on the 17th of January we organise our next activity, further information follows…
We are looking forward to this year and we hope you do too!
With love,
The FOODcie