Once a year, at the end of the first period, the first years weekend committee organizes a three day weekend full of fun activities. This committee is only active once a year and usually also changes in composition every year.
The weekend in held in order for all the first years to get to know each other better and get acquainted with Ipso Facto itself. The weekend is usually held in a barn nearby a farm in Renkum, the ideal place to party and have activities both in the woods, barn and the surroundings of Renkum. The activities we organize are along the lines of: introductory games, beer cantus/beer pong, nightly games in the woods and of course partying. Within the committee we handle the rule: anything goes, nothing is mandatory. You are free to schedule a part of your evening yourself, it’s your weekend after all!

You can apply for the committee via the Ipso Facto board!

EJW-cie 2015 members:
Mirjam van der Kraats,
Julie Hopmans,
Susanne Spijkers,
Rianne van Zandbrink,
Larissa Streng