Ipso Facto presents the 2016/2017 Educie! From left to right: Carmen Lemain, Nardy Booiman, Aniek van den Berg, Maartje Pott, Ysanne van der Velden, Thijs Kivits and Jessamine Slingerland.
The Educie is the committee of Ipso Facto that organises the educational events. Educational events are events that are in line with the Bachelor and Master programmes of Ipso Facto. To elucidate this, some examples. Every year we organise a Diner Pensant, an excursion to the European Parliament in Brussels and many movie and speech nights concerning social issues. As you can see on the picture, we are with 7. This enables us to organise an educational activity every period. Apart from being very serious and educational, our activities of course are nice and fun as well.

We are always open for advice about things we can organize, things you might think are nice for our members and of course we are also open for questions about the Educie and for new members! For all this you can send us an e-mail: