Ipso Facto presents the 2016/2017 ACCIE with Mirjam Prins, Nina Holman, Isa Patist, Laurens van den Berg, Vera van de Scheur, Martijn van Dijk, Julia Schepers en Annika van Leer.

The Accie is the activity committee of Ipso-Facto. All fun activities which are hardly related with studies but a lot related with your study mates are organised by us! Amongst other things the Accie is responsible for highlight of the year: The Lift Weekend! Turns out to be a great success each year. But the Accie organises more like pub crawls, lasergaming together with the Sportcie, Christmas activities and Terror Mansion. The committee meets up each week to discuss spontaneous (im)possible ideas. The committee is full with 8 members and some back up. Enough inspiration for fun stuff!