Collaborations / sponsors

Do you want to sponsor our activities? Contact the board to hear about the possibilities.

Do you want to collaborate with Ipso Facto? Contact the board  or the committees personally via their e-mail address.

As a member of Ipso Facto you get a discount to AIESEC Wageningen events. Check the agenda for upcoming activities. Also, they offer our (committee) members some courses on e.g. sponsoring.
AIESEC Netherlands:

The board is organizing a Week of Peace every year in the end of September. This is an initiative of PAX (formerly known as IKV PAX Christi) and is organized by over 70 ‘Embassies of Peace’ in the Netherlands. It is a week filled with peace-related activities, such as lectures, movie nights and debates. In 2013 the theme was Syria, and in 2014 it was disarmament.

SKOV and D.L.V. Nji-Sri
The board is collaborating with the Study Circle for Development Issues (Studiekring voor Ontwikkelingsvraagstukken) and the student association Nji-Sri to organize several lectures about the development of Sub-Saharan Africa and other development themes. Take a look at the agenda for upcoming lectures.
D.L.V. Nji-Sri:

Amnesty International Student Group
The last year the educative committee has been organizing some movie and discussion nights together with the Amnesty International student group of Wageningen.
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