Current Board

Board 2017


Dorien van den Hul – chairwoman
Julia Schepers – secretary
Hans-Peter den Boer – treasurer
Thijs Kivits – commisioner of education
Aniek van den Berg – commissioner of external affairs
Naomie Tieks – commissioner of internal affairs


Dear readers,

My name is Dorien van den Hul and I am proud to say that I’m the Chairwoman of Ipso Facto. I am currently living in Wageningen and I’m in my second year of Bsc International Development Studies. A few interests of mine are reading, travelling and music. Furthermore, cooking is one thing I’m passionate about. I love trying new recipes and I’m always eager to learn about new ingredients.

My bucket list mostly consists of travels I want to make to foreign countries. Last year I decided to join the Travelcommittee, better known as Reiscie, which made it possible to combine my travel interests with Ipso Facto. We decided to fly to Georgia in the first weeks of the summer vacation and travelled from the east- to the west of Georgia in 10 days. I really enjoyed this trip, not only because of the beauty of Georgia but also because I’ve really gotten to know my fellow students.

My main goal for this upcoming year is to work on the professional image of Ipso Facto. Besides that, I want to show Ipso members that there are a lot of varied activities organised by our committees. I’m really looking forward to my time as chairwoman and I hope to see you soon in the Ipso-hok or at one of our activities!


Hi Ipso Member!

My name is Julia Schepers and I am in my first year of Communication Science at WUR. Since I started my study in September last year, I have been a very active member of Ipso Facto. Together with the other members of the activities committee we organised lots of events, like themed parties and a pub-crawl. Because of my participation within the study association I’ve met a lot of nice and interesting new people. This was one of the reasons for me to apply for the Board of Ipso. I am excited to let you know that I will be the secretary of the board of Ipso Facto!

So something about me! I’ve been living my whole life in a small village near Nijmegen, called Beek. Four months ago I left and I now live in Wageningen. Together with two friends I live in an apartment just across the Leeuwenborch. That’s a big difference between Beek and Wageningen. I had to bike for 30 minutes to school, now I can just cross the streets. But I still like to go home in the weekend and meet my friends in Nijmegen!

I’ve been travelling a lot since I was young and I’m very sure I will do more travelling in the future. The experiences I’ve had in Africa and India were a real eye-opener for me! I’ve learned a lot about different cultures and people. Another activity I like to do in my spare time is painting, writing and drawing. I also enjoy doing sports, you can find me quite often in Sport centre the Bongerd. I like kickboxing and squash.

My main goal for this year is involving the students even more within the study association. Especially the BCW- students. Because we are a minority, I would like to simulate more students of Communication Science to participate in our activities. Hopefully I can achieve this goal by writing an active weekly newsletter and doing my work well as the Secretary of Ipso Facto.

I’m looking forward to this year, I’m sure it will be a good one!

With love,



Dear Ipso member,

My name is Hans-Peter den Boer and I will be Ipso’s treasurer for this academic year. I am 20 years old and a second year BIN student. After having stayed with my parents in the picturesque city of Gorinchem for my first year of university, I now live at Campus Plaza. My hobby’s pretty much entail the usual, chilling with friends, watching series and participating in sports. Especially korfball is a sport I enjoy, which is why I decided to join W.S.K.V. Débaldérin. Apart from korfball, I also go for a run occasionally or go cycling, as long as it’s not too cold. Also watching sports is something I like to do, so I often watch the best soccer team of the Netherlands, PSV Eindhoven, or see Max outsmart the Ferrari’s on the racing circuit.

As I started studying in Wageningen, I was interested in joining an Ipso committee, and so I joined the Travelcommittee, or Reiscie. With this awesome committee, I organized a trip to the beautiful country of Georgia. Whilst being busy with the trip, I realized that I wanted to become a more active Ipso member, which is why I decided to apply for an Ipso board function.

My main goal for this year is to continue the work done by my predecessor of improving the financial system of Ipso Facto to ensure financial stability for the years to come.

I hope to see you during one of the many fun or educational activities Ipso organizes!

With love,
Hans-Peter den Boer


Hi, my name is Thijs Kivits and I will be your Commissioner of Education this year. Born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, I came to Wageningen at the age of 19. I enrolled in the Bachelor Programme of Environmental Sciences only to have to quit after one year. My mathematical skills weren’t sufficient enough to successfully continue this Programme. Since I was interested in the combination of social and life sciences, my attention had quickly fallen on the Bachelor’s Programme of Communication Sciences, also here in Wageningen. Today I am in my second year of this Programme.

In my spare time I like to play games, watch series, listen to music, read books, do some sports or do stuff with my friends. Either way I try to escape the busy world around me and find a moment to relax my mind. Apart from escaping the busy world I live in, I am also interested in this very world. In my spare time I sometimes think about myself and my future, my position in the world and what I want to achieve in my life. This philosophical thinking is also present in my approach of studying.

This is because I have always been motivated intrinsically to shape and customise my education, to mould it in such a way that I can recognise myself in it, that I can derive my very being from it. Concepts like bildung, personal growth and education trigger me, pushing me to even better try to understand my personality and shape my future more adequately. Now the time has come to do this for you, to try and shape the education as adequately as possible for you. To increase the quality of education and extracurricular activities. That will be my mission this year. And I’ll probably have some drinks.


Hey everyone,

My name is Aniek van den Berg, I am eighteen years old and in my first year of Communication science. Since the end of February 2017 I am commissioner of external affairs, which means I take care of the website, the study day in the AID and the ‘student for a day’ or meeloopdagen. My study is great and Ipso too, so it was clear to me to become an active member of this studyassociation. At the moment I join the educative committee (Educie) and the committee that makes the magazine (Muskietcie). I am always looking for new challenges, so that’s why I applied for the new Ipso Board.

Now a little more about myself. I have lived in Wageningen since the start of this academic year and although I live above the Basic Fit, I don’t like fitness. I rather dance, mostly Hiphop. I dance since I was 8 years old and it is still my great passion. I am also fond off cooking and trying new recipes, although it is not always a successfully nice meal. Another interest of me is Street art. It would be awesome if I could tell you that I make my own pieces at walls on the street, but that is not true. I am too cowardly for that, but I admire artists like ROA, Bordalo II and off course Banksy. If you don’t know them, you have to go to big cities like Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. There you can find their extraordinary pieces. It is on my bucketlist to see a lot more streetart around the world, than I have done yet.

I hope to add new inspiration to Ipso facto. I am very excited about our new Board and I am sure we will do our best to make a great year of it. You can always say hi at the Ipso-Hok, come and visit us!

With love,

Aniek van den Berg


Hi Folks!

My name is Naomie, 21 years old and a second year BIN student. The upcoming half year I will be the internal commissioner, which means that I’ll be the link between the board and all committees of Ipso Facto.

A little more about myself. Just like the rest of you I love to travel and explore our beautiful world. In my ‘normal’ daily life I like to longboard, play guitar, cook, and read (and bingewatch series on Netflix). But my all-time favourite activity is camping: to fill a small bag with only necessary items (this used to include my hammock but unfortunately it broke recently and we both ended up on the ground), jump on my bike and find a beautiful location in the Netherlands to set up my tent.

Now why did I join the Ipso board? I think it’s important to challenge yourself at all times and to take chances that might be out of your comfort zone. Becoming a board member is one of those things, but I know that this is going to be an awesome and fruitful experience. My goal for this half year, as the internal commissioner, is to help setting up ten successful committees who are going to organise fun and educational activities for all of you. I hope these activities will lead to more bonding between the students of the different studies Ipso Facto covers.

Hopefully I will see you at one of our activities and of course you are always welcome to visit us at the Ipso-hok!